July, 2005
Commanderís Comments:

I am in Nashville, Tennessee representing our Camp at the SCV National Convention and maybe having a little fun.  I always attend all of the meetings and will try to bring to our Camp all of the material and information that is on display at the convention and will report on the convention. 
                                                                                                                                    George T. Lee  III

The Cannon Report:

Our Camp meeting for July will be a tour of the Petersburg National Battlefield on Sunday the 31st at 1430 and a second tour at 1600. 
Please see the flyer below.  Letís have a good turnout for these tours. If at all possible, please try to attend one.  This is an excellent opportunity for those members that canít normally attend our meetings due to the timing on Sunday to attend.      

The Camp meeting for June was held at the Commanderís new home.  We had a good turnout and the food was very good. All in attendance enjoyed the camaraderie.  Thanks to all the wives and daughters that helped prepare the dishes and to Mrs. Lee for the delicious grilled chicken.

The State SCV HQ has raised their dues for 2006 to $10.00 (it was $4).  This increase was necessary due to rising expenses, but the main reason for the increase is that the State SCV HQ is taking over from Richmond the maintenance of the grounds of the Oakwood Cemetery.  Richmond does not seem to care about the careful attention needed around the headstones etc., and the continuous damage to these hallowed grounds.  This State increase has made it necessary for the Camp to raise it dues for 2006 from $30.00 to $35.00.  The Camp will take a $1.00 decrease in revenues from the dues.  This increase was voted on and passed at the June meeting.  Remember that the annual SCV Membership Dues are to be paid before November 1st.  Please try to make your payment early this year to avoid the last minute rush.     

Once again as a reminder. Compatriot Jeremy Utt, our Camp Historian, is currently working to compile a history of the Powhatan Troop, SCV Camp 1382.  If you can contribute any materials from past camp events, i.e., photos, newspaper articles, mementos, information, advice, etc., please mail it to him at 2505 Brauer Rd., Powhatan, VA, 23139.  I am sure Jeremy would appreciate any information or assistance you can contribute to this important mission.

                                                                                                                                             Paul M. Houser, Editor
                                                                                                                                              The Cannon Report