Deed to 1,600 Sq. feet surrounding the Powhatan Troop Monument at the Powhatan Courthouse
I apologize for the poor scan of the Deed.
  I am working on getting a better copy to post.
You can read the typed copy below the Deed photograph.

This deed made and enforced into this 6th day of June 1896 by and between Thos M. Miller as Judge of the County Court of Powhatan Virginia party of the first part and the "Powhatan Troop Association" a corporatation chartered under the laws of Va. party of the second part, see act of general assembly approved January
18th, 1896 p. 114:  rtitnesseth:  That the said party of the first part, under and in issuance of an act of the general assembly approved March 3rd, 1896 p. 688 and in consideration of one dollar in hand paid.  The receipt where of is hereby acknowledged doth grant and convey unto said party of the second part with special warranty, all that certain piece parcel or "plat of land forty (40) feet square lying and being in the north west
corner of the court green or square of Powhatan Courthouse Va., commencing at the center of the monument foundation as now laid and extending twenty feet in each direction so as to make "the forty feet square as before mentioned to have and hold "in fee simple for the purpose of erecting a monument thereon" and as set forth in the said acts of the general assembly.

Witness the following signature and seal  Thos M. Miller Judge   seal

In Powhatan County Court Clerk's Office on the 4th day of June 1896.  The foregoing deed dated June 4th, 1896 and duly acknowledged before me by Judge Thos M. Miller was this day presented in said Office and admitted to record at 4 O'clock P.M.

                                                                                                                        Teste:  James A Tilman