The Powhatan Troop position on the placing of a Lincoln statue at the Tredegar Iron Works.

The Tredegar Iron Works National Park was created in 1998 when the National Park service leased the historical site from a Richmond corporation, the Ethyl Corporation. The Ethyl Corporation had its beginning in Richmond in 1887 as the Albemarle Paper Manufacturing Company. The Ethyl Corporation recognized the significance of this historical site and purchased it in 1957 and began restoring the Confederate Gun Foundry and stabilizing the rest of the foundry site.  The Historical significance of preserving this location for future generations is based on the significant role it played in the production of weapons in defense of its home, the Confederate State of Virginia and the Confederate States of America.

At no time before, during or after the War Between the States did Lincoln visit the Tredegar Iron Works.  The Powhatan Troop clearly understands the educational and historical significance of Lincolnís visit after the fall of Richmond.  However, we strongly feel that the placement of a statue of Lincoln at the Iron Works is a total misrepresentation of the historical and educational significance of his visit and only serves to further misrepresent the historical record of the War Between the States. 
It is the mission of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to ensure that a true history of the 1861 to 1865 period is preserved.
Our position as stated above on the Lincoln Statue was drafted by appointed committee, voted on, and passed by The Powhatan Troop on February 23, 2003