The Powhatan Troop, SCV Camp 1382, 2006 Scholarship Award Essay Contest for Powhatan High Schools
Powhatan Troop
July 1896 Muster Day

The Powhatan Troop
has sponsored one of the sites for the
Civil War Trails of Virginia
located in
Powhatan County.
Our Sponsor cost is $2,600.  Donations are tax deductable and should be made to the Powhatan Troop, Camp 1382,
P O Box 441, Powhatan, VA 23139.
On January 14th 2006, the Powhatan Troop  began writing articles for 
The Powhatan Today Weekender
The articles were published every two weeks and ran through April, Confederate History Month.
The articles are on
True Confederate History

Articles I, II, III
Article IV
Article V
Article VI
Peterville Cemetery is located on Route 60 near Bells Rd.
Powhatan, Virginia.

Peterville Cemetery
Info and photos

Confederate Cemetery Located on
Jefferson Landing Rd.
Powhatan, VA