The Powhatan Troop
Powhatan County High School Seniors
SCV Camp 1382's  Scholarship Essay Rules

The entrant must be a senior in good standing at either of Powhatan’s two high schools. You do not have to be a resident of Powhatan County, but you must attend school here.

The entrant must have the intention of attending college and have a reasonable expectation of being accepted.

The entrant must certify that the compositions have been written without help. You may seek help in research and discovering sources, but the composition must be your own.

The entrant will fully footnote and attribute quotations and sources used in the composition.

Essays will be not longer than 10 pages (not counting the title page) and use double spacing and a 12-point font size to assure uniformity and to enable the judge to annotate between the lines.

Two copies of the essay will be delivered to the Powhatan Troop, SCV. One copy will be retained by the Powhatan Troop as a backup copy in the event of some unforseen event during the judging process.

All entries will become the property of the Powhatan Troop, SCV. In the event that any entries might be edited into publishable form, the author will retain full credit. It is unlikely that any money would be received in the event of publication, but the author would be consulted and any proceeds would be shared.

Entries must be delivered to the designated school contact by April 21 or mailed and postmarked no later than April 21 to: SCV Powhatan Troop, P.O. Box 441, Powhatan VA 23139

Entries will be judged on the completeness and accuracy of historical information in the essays. Compositions that stick to the subject and answer the questions posed by the contest will score the highest. Additionally, essays will be judged on the basis of the quality of the composition, good grammar, and spelling. The main elements for judging the entries are research and presentation. To be eligible for consideration, entries must demonstrate sufficient levels of endeavor and quality, as determined by the judge.

One winner will be declared for each school from eligible entries. Winners will receive a check for $1000 at a time and place to be decided. The goal is to make this presentation before the end of the school year.

In the event that no entries are received from a school, no award will be made to students from that school. In the event that the judge determines that the efforts are so poor as to be ineligible, then a no contest will be declared. The Powhatan Troop reserves the right to apply any funds not awarded in a manner of their choosing.