Powhatan County High School Seniors
The Powhatan Troop, SCV
Scholarship Award Essay Contest
The Powhatan Courthouse Square is one of the Powhatan Civil War Trails sites. In 1861, it was one of the few public gathering places in the county and as such, was the location of an historic event that is the subject of this scholarship essay contest. In that year, local residents gathered at the Courthouse to enlist in the Powhatan Troop to fight for the Confederacy. This Muster Day is the subject of the essay. Your essay should explore who enlisted, who were the leaders, what were their positions in the Powhatan community, and why did they risk their lives, their property, and their future well-being in a struggle that was largely not of their choosing. A complete listing of enlistees in not expected nor particularly desirable for this essay. You may generalize as to the professions, ages, motivations, social status and families of the volunteers. You may also describe what weapons, equipment or horses they provided.  By focusing on a few representative individuals you may find far more detailed information available on these subjects.

The length of the essay may not exceed 10 pages, double spaced. Complete citations of references are required either as footnotes or a bibliography. Complete rules and requirements will be available from your school or The Powhatan Troop, SCV at PowhatanTroop.org. All essays must be turned in or postmarked by April 21, 2006. The contest is open to seniors only. One winner from eligible entries at Powhatan High School and one winner from eligible entries at Blessed Sacrament Huguenot high school will be chosen by famed military historian, Brig. Gen John W. Mountcastle (See info below). A check for $1000 will be awarded by the Powhatan Troop to each of the two winners and their institutions of higher learning.
John W. Mountcastle, PhD, Brigadier General, US Army (Retired)
Academic Advisor

Brigadier General John W. Mountcastle has a distinguished service record. Most recently, he served as Commander and Chief of Military History at the United States Army Center of Military History. Over the course of his 32-year career, General Mountcastle served as Assistant Professor at the United States Military Academy, Chief of Staff for the United States Army Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth, and as Director of the Strategic Studies Institute at the United States Army War College. A graduate of Virginia Military Institute, General Mountcastle holds an MA and PhD in History from Duke University.